Green Building Technology, LLC. is the Cleveland, Ohio manufacturer of the innovative, energy efficient High Performance Green Building System™ (HPGBS). A panelized wall and roof building envelope, HPGBS combines the strength and rigidity of steel framing with ultra-efficient expanded polystyrene (EPS). Buildings utilizing HPGBS have been shown to reduce heating/cooling utility expenses by as much as 75%!**

If your project is seeking LEED Certification, consider building with our High Performance Green Building System. A factor in 8 LEED subcategories with point values up to 35 (Version 3: New Construction & Major Renovations), HPGBS can make significant contributions to your certification goals.*

Visit our Project Profiles to view the multiple Residential and Commercial projects that have utilized Green Building Technology’s HPGBS wall and roof panels.

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*HPGBS™ may contribute to the total project percentages and values used to determine and achieve LEED v3 NC & MR points. Green Building Technology, LLC can not guarantee the achievement of LEED points.

HPGBS Benefits
Superior to traditional construction, HPGBS' benefits are numerous!

Superior Energy Efficiency & Return on Investment

Manufactured to your Project's Specifications

Easy Installation for Reduced Construction Time

Contributes to LEED
Certification Goals*

Proven to Enhance Building Resale & Lease Value

Green Building Tax Incentives & Special Funding Available. Does your project qualify?